“I am thankful to have benefitted from your wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as your persistency of purpose.” -Evan Baranoff

“I always feel that she is working for me, listens to my requests or concerns, and does her best to accommodate those based on her knowledge of the real estate market and process.” -Mary Lanigan
“Her wonderful service, combined with great intuition about real estate, led to the sale of my home in 3 weeks time.” -Dr. Craig Chang
“Your wealth of experience was evident in this recommendation as well as the insight you provided for everything from buying our first home to home improvement.” -Robert Sun & Roxanna Tran
“Rachelle knows her business and the area. She is thorough, detailed, and patient when explaining procedures and forms. She represents her community extremely well.” -Dr. B. Duane Price & Dr. Cindy L. Luongo
“You were a complete joy to work with. Your knowledge, professionalism and genuine sincerity really made this a great experience.” -Garth, Katrina, Jonah, Asa, Phoebe